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 Scenes and Traces - From the collection design, photography & video :
  Category: Exhibition
  Performed by : 
  Price : adults E 9.--/children 7 through 16 E 4.50
  Date/time : Saturday April 7 until Sunday November 25 , daily 10 AM till 6 PM
  Tickets :at the museum.
  Closed on New Year's Day
  December 5, 24 and 31 the museum will close at 5 PM.
 This exhibition focuses on three parts of the Stedelijk Museum collection: design, video and  photography.
 The three separate presentations will be on show simultaneously from 7 April 2007 on the  second floor of Stedelijk Museum CS. The design exhibition ends in mid August, while the  others continue until 25 November 2007. The exhibition as a whole will be continued in a  second presentation.
  Grande Sertao: Images of a Brazilian Novel
  Category: Exhibition  
   Price : adults: E 7.50/children 6-17: E 4.--/up to 6: free
   Performed by :
   Date/time : Saturday June 2 until Sunday January 27 , daily 10 AM till 5 PM
  Tickets : At the museum.
  On 5, 24 and 31 December from 10 AM - 3 PM.
  Closed on 1 January, 30 April, 5 May and 25 December.
  The exhibition 'Grande Sertao' at the Tropenmuseum will appeal to people with an interest   in photography, Brazil, literature and poetry. The pictures on display are inspired by the   work of the Brazilian author João Guimarães Rosa, who, as a country doctor, gained deep   and extensive knowledge of the sparsely populated interior of Brazil and the people who   live there. Rosa describes the rigours and hardships of life in this inhospitable, dry region:   the Grande Sertao. This Brazilian landscape and some of its inhabitants are portrayed by   photographers Mark Nozeman (The Netherlands) and Marcelo Greco (Brazil).


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